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Guardian/Student Access to PowerSchool is Enabled

PowerSchool Login

Introduction To USD 506 PowerSchool

The PowerSchool Guardian/Student system is intended to provide parents, students and teachers with a tool to communicate student performance. It is a Web based application that may be accessed from any place the parent/guardian or student can access the World Wide Web. The application is secured through the use of a secured link that encrypts the data to and from the end user. In addition, a Username and Password are provided to allow access for only authorized users to the appropriate student record.

*PowerSchool will be available 24 - 7 unless maintenance is being performed, equipment failure, power or internet outage or other interruptions. PowerSchool is not monitored 24 - 7 so some outages may occur and will be corrected asap.

Tip for usernames and passwords:

They are not case sensitive but they print out in capitals to make it easier to distinguish between letters.


0 is the number zero

O is the capital letter "O" (oh)

1 is the number one

I is the capital letter "I" (eye)


Getting Started

To bring up the Guardian/Student Web Login page type https://usd506.powerschool.com/public/home.html​ in your Web Browser Address window and press the Go button (do not include www. in the url). This will bring up the Login page.


The Login page allows an authorized user to access the Web pages containing their students information. The Username and Password must be entered exactly as provided to you. (username and password are not case sensitive) Once the Username and Password have been entered, press the button or hit the Enter or Return key on your keyboard. This will bring up the Grades and Attendance page.

Main Menu

This menu of Icons provides a direct link to each of the main functions of the system. Each of these functions is described in this document.

Grades and Attendance

This page shows the students Attendance record for the previous and current week and an entry for any absences. There is a Legend at the bottom of the screen to explain the meaning of the entries. The Courses, Teachers term grades and recorded attendance is displayed. The fields shown in blue provide a link to another page or function. These blue links are described below:

Send email to a Teacher

Clicking on one of the teacher names will bring up your email page and allow you to send an email directly to the Teacher selected. If you are using a web-based email, note the address when you hover over the name and send email through your web email.

View Grades

Clicking on the blue number below the letter grade will bring up the Class Score Detail page for the class selected. This page displays the Due Date of the assignment, the type of work and the score received for each of the assignments.


Clicking on the blue number under the Attendance column will bring up the attendance detail for the class selected.

Grades History

This selection will allow viewing of the students grade history.

Attendance History

This page will allow viewing of the overall attendance of the selected student for all classes.

Email Notification

This page allows the user to define their preferences for automated notification of student information. It allows the user to enter the email address to which they wish to have the information sent, the frequency of the information, and the type of information they wish to receive.

Teacher Comments

This page will allow you to view any comments entered by the Students Teachers.

School Bulletin

Displays the current school bulletin.

Class Registration

This page, when and if implemented, will be used to allow the Student and Parent/Guardian to advance register their student for the next school year classes.

Meal Balance

Shows transactions and balance for your students lunch account.

My Calendar

Not supported at this time due to many varieties of Web based calendars.

Please Note: 

Teachers enter grades into PowerTeacher Web Gradebook differently. Please allow ample time for teachers to record graded assignments and exams into PowerTeacher. Teachers are being asked to enter grades at least on a weekly basis whenever possible.

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